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Sandro Botticelli

Sandro Botticelli at Villa Tuscany

The painter we know as Sandro Botticelli was born Alessandro di Mariano di Vanni Filipepi (March 1, 1445 – May 17, 1510); his nickname Il Botticello means “little barrel.”  Botticelli was an Italian painter based in Florence during the Early Renaissance period. Considered by many to be the Golden Age of Florence’s artistic development, the Quattrocento or 15th century during which Botticelli and other famous artists worked - often under the patronage of the Medici family - shines today as a quintessential artistic period in the city’s history. Botticelli’s two greatest masterpieces, the Birth of Venice and Primavera, today perfectly represent that moment in Florence’s past and are admired my millions of visitors each year who come to visit them in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

We learn from Giorgio Vasari that Botticelli was apprenticed to the painter Fra Filippo Lippi, and in fact his early paintings resemble that master’s style so much they are often confused. It was probably from Lippi that Botticelli learned a more detailed and intimate manner, along with a delicate sense of line and diaphanous drapery. He was also talented at depicting a sense of movement in his paintings. 

By 1470 Botticelli had opened his own workshop in Florence. From an early age we see him using clear contours and graceful lines to depict his figures, and focusing less on the monumental forms of depth and shadow and more on movement. He worked for many important patrons in Florence including members of the Medici family, through which he enjoyed a certain fame during the last quarter of the 15th century.

Sadly, by the end of his life Botticelli was little employed, and after his death he fell into disfavor compared to other Renaissance painters who enjoyed stronger reputations. It was only in the late 19th century that Botticelli’s art was rediscovered and once again appreciated for its capturing of an era of which is speaks so beautifully.

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