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Masaccio at Villa Tuscany

The Florentine master Masaccio (real name Tommaso Cassai or Tommaso di Ser Giovanni di Mone; December 21, 1401 – autumn 1428) is widely considered to be the first Renaissance painter. During the Quattrocento or 15th century of the Italian Renaissance, Masaccio was the first painter to work in this new and revolutionary style, reflecting an unprecedented interest in three-dimensionality and rendering of depth in a realistic manner. 

His unusual name Masaccio is a nickname for Tommaso, meaning "big" or "messy" Tom. It is believed this whimsical name was generated to distinguish him from his main collaborator, another Florentine painter Tommaso, who was known as Masolino ("little Tom").

Although his career was short-lived, Masaccio had an enormous influence on other artists. He was one of the first artists to use scientific or single-point perspective in his painting, incorporating techniques such as vanishing points and orthogonal lines for the first time. Furthermore his revolutionary style rejected the then-popular Gothic style - marked by heavy use of ornamentation and artificial beauty - developing into a more natural style that strove to depict the real world.

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