Villa for rent in Tuscany between Florence and Lucca


The city of Lucca


Lucca is a lovely, affluent yet laid-back town located an hour west of Florence and a short drive from Pisa.  The renowned composer Giacomo Puccini was born in this Tuscan town, where the family home in which he was born can still be visited today as the Puccini Museum. Lucca is famously encircled by a set of massive walls built in the Renaissance period for fortification; today they have been turned into a park where locals and visitors can enjoy strolling or riding bicycles - a unique experience. 

Inside the walls, the city is paved with cobblestoned streets dotted with quaint white-and-green marble medieval churches, chic fashion boutiques and smartly-dressed locals. Lucca has been called the unofficial olive oil capital of Italy. Many agree that Tuscany produces the highest quality olive oil, and that the top olives harken from the bountiful groves surrounding Lucca. Especially after the fall harvest, the Lucchese often enjoy a simple bruschetta by drizzling fresh cold-pressed olive oil on toasted Tuscan bread rubbed with garlic. Likewise you can find them dressing their local renowned farro soup with this sublime green olive oil. 

A unique sight in Lucca is the spectacular Piazza Anfiteatro, an oval-shaped piazza tracing the form of the original ancient Roman arena or amphitheater located on this site; concerts are held here in the summer