Tuscany villa rental with private chef


Private Chef  at Villa Tuscany

Private Chef in Villa Tuscany for rent

Chef Carla Meucci

On request our chef, Carla Meucci (English speaking), will be pleased to prepare for your party delicious Italian cuisine with typical Tuscan dishes and Chianti wine. She is also available for cooking lessons at Villa Tuscany and special events such as anniversary parties or wedding celebrations


Menu 1 - € 38 per person

3 hors-d'oeuvres + 2 first courses + 1 second course + 1 side dishes + 1 dessert. Red and/or white wine included.

Menu 2 - € 45 per person

4 hors-d'oeuvres + 2 first courses + 2 second courses + 2 side dishes + 1 dessert. Red and/or white wine included.

One unique price 20 € per child for children 5 to 12 years old.

No cost for children under 5 years old.


”We especially enjoyed the beautiful and bountiful meals prepared each night for our family of 11 by Carla Meucci, the chef recommended by Yves”.

Robert & Rosemary Wall, Mountain Lakes, NJ, USA, June 4, 2016



"Chef Carla provided our group with wonderful dinners and special treats for the children. We all had a marvelous time and would not hesitate to return."

Tom Ziedalski, Edmonds, WA, USA, August 22, 2015



"The first night we had Carla prepare the meal after a long ride from Milan.  Excellent choices, perfectly prepared in a friendly atmosphere - the food was prepared and served on the terrace overlooking the valley.”

Tony Ampazis, Monaco, MC, July 18, 2015


"And then there is Carla, the chef. Have at least one meal prepared by her. You will not regret it (or forget it)."

Joe Bedwick, Wayne, PA, USA, July 25, 2015



"Carla and Fania provided delicious meals one or two nights each week. The food was plentiful and cheerfully served.”

John & Carol Cowden, Prairie Villa, KS, USA, October 25, 2015



"I am so happy you recommended Carla the Cook. She made the best Italian dinners for us.”

Birgitte Vestergaard, Copenhagen, Denmark, July 26, 2014.



"Chef Carla prepared a spectacular meal for us one night. She set up tables outside under a string of lights between two trees and it was the perfect ending to a perfect day that was spent touring in Florence. There were plenty of left overs that were enjoyed for a couple of days!"

Janie Leis, Rogers AR, USA, September 20, 2014



"After a couple of meals out we decided the best food and views were to be 'had at home'. A truly relaxing experience, I'm sure we will be back."

Mark Johnson, Moscou, Russia, August 30, 2014.



"Carla's wonderful cooking is the essential icing on the cake!".

Katherine Soanes, London, UK, August 16, 2014



"The chef and food was excellent! Carla was amazing!!! All agreed it was the best food of the trip.... and a lot of it!!! Highly recommend."

Douglas Craey, Faerfild, CT, USA,, August 17, 2013 



"The chef Carla offer us a great wedding and birthday dinner."

Dinah Basler family, Zurich, Switzerland, August 10, 2013



"We had 5 Carla dinners. It was a treat to be pampered with delicious food and service."

Jacqueline Ardito Barletta, Panama City, Panama,, July 27, 2013 



"We loved having Carla cook for us and sitting outside on the terrace eating her wonderful meal was a night we will not soon forget."

Mary and Tom Bloch, Kansas City, USA, May 25, 2013 



You must also try Carla, the chef. Amazing food !”

Cristina Cusumano, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, USA, September 8, 2012 



"Together with our friends from Swizzerland, Germany, Russia, Canada and Italy we have enjoyed the tuscan wines and lovely dinners prepared by the chef.”

Maarten and Emmie Kleine Kalvenhaar, Amsterdam, Holland, September 1st, 2012



"We had Carla come and cook us two wonderful meals."

Sue and John Harman, Huddersfield, UK, August 18, 2012



"Once again Carla provided wonderful meals."

Peter Ciacco, Leawood, KS, USA, August 4, 2012



"Carla's cooking really was a highlight - wonderful value for money and a view for our dinner that was unsurpassed by local restaurants !"

Jame, Michelle Ford, Chatham, UK, July 21, 2012



"The pool is great, the panoramic views, Carla's food and just the tuscan relaxing atmosphere simply fantastic."

Susanne Baek Hansen, Vejle, Denmark, July 14, 2012



"Our two Carla meals were outstanding."

Candace Cummings, Greensboro, NC, USA, June 09, 2012



"Carla, the chef, is as good as any chef in any fine restaurant”.

Howard Stein, N.Y, N.Y, USA, May 26th, 2012



"Carla whose dinners were a Tuscan gourmet deleght"

Bob & Elaine Plager, Naples, FL, USA, September 24, 2011



"The cook Carla was sensational."

Chris Bittman, Englewood, CO, USA, June 18, 2011


"Once again, the magnificent Carla prepared truly outstanding meals for us."

Janet Miller, Kansas City, MI, USA, May 28, 2011



"The chef, Carla, is outstanding. Great food, great portions at a great price! Super value! Highly recommended.”

David and Katherine Soanes, London, UK, August 21, 2010



"Carla's dinners were incredible and are a must ! ”

Diana Moormeier and family, Olathe, KS, USA, July 31, 2010



"Carla's, your chef, was amazing.”

Mary Rogers, Bethesda. MD, USA, July 10, 2010



"Chef Carla who cooked for us provided a memorable dinner."

Anthony Iati, Brunswick, New Jersey, USA, April 11, 2009



"Our meals with Carla the chef were also fantastic ! The tuscan food was so fresh and tasty."

Kristine Lyons, Toronto, Canada, September 19, 2009



"I am so happy you recommended Carla the Cook. She made the best Italian dinners for us."

Birgitte Vestergaard, Copenhagen, Denmark, July 25th, 2009



"Carla's delicious cuisine served with warmth and sincere hospitality was one of the highlights of our stay."

Shiva Naderi, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, April 02, 2009



"The dinners that Carla prepared were outstanding."

Peter Ciacco, Leawood, KS, USA August 1th, 2009



"Don't miss Carla's cuisine and great value for money !"

Susan Turner, Birmingham, UK, England, August 23, 2008



"Carla, our chef, was superb. We recommend her highly."

Sally Simerson, Charlotte, NL, USA, June 6, 2008



“Carla is a fabulous chef and we thoroughly enjoyed our dinners with her.”

Tonya Crane, Costa Mesa, CA, USA, May 31, 2007



“Carla Meucci, our cook, served us a great Tuscan menu, which we all enjoyed immensely.”

Kristin Steinsen-Schühlen, Berlin, Germany, June 02, 2007



"Your cook Carla was amazing! "

Vicky Barrio and John Cromwell, San Diego, CA, USA, September 15, 2007



“Carla was spectacular cooking for all 13 of us…”

Mark & Ana Martello, Wrentham, MA, USA, October 15.2005